I'm so happy to meet you!

To start things off, you might be wondering “Who is this Kind Curator?”

Miya - Founder of The Kind Curator Co.

Well, surprise! It’s me! Miya Didrichsons, founder & owner of The Kind Curator Co. A born and raised Torontonian (yes, I remember the days of Honest Ed’s...RIP), currently residing in The Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto with my cute, very long rescue pup Luna.

In 2015, I became a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert; what can I say, I love me some good, real food!
This background helps me to curate gift boxes that are filled with good for you goodies - wellness promoting.

I am a nature lover - years at summer camp taught me how to love & appreciate the trees, water, earth and animals. On weekends in the summer, you’ll find me perusing the local farmer’s market, searching for the best sourdough bread or up North on the lake drinking a glass of vino.

The Kind Curator Co. is a Canadian small business that focuses on connecting you to beautifully crafted small-batch products from across Canada that are not only kind to you, but kind to nature as well.

I have always been a gift giver (my first real job, next to babysitting, was actually at a local gift & stationary store!) and if you are someone who is familiar with “The Love Languages” then you’ll know that gift giving is how some communicate their love for one another - whether it’s with a human, a pet or with themselves (treat yourself!).

As a lover of giving gifts, finding the right gift always turned into a mission.
Drop everything and let me now spend the next eight hours of my life scoping out the best and prettiest products or experience for my bestie. They have to LOVE it!

the kind curator leaves

As a picky gift giver a few things about the industry frustrated me. In particular: the gift basket, hamper, box, swag bag (or whatever name suits your fancy) side of the industry. I noticed a real lack of thoughtfully curated gift baskets. Many of them included mass-produced chocolates and wine jellies, with a whole list of not-so-fabulous ingredients (did I mention my background in culinary nutrition and hospitality? Ingredients are a thing) or those classic corporate branded pens and mugs. I also noticed that there was a real packaging issue at hand: cellophane, cellophane, the more cellophane the better! It seemed like no one was thinking about the environment with all that wasteful packaging. Having worked as diligently as I did to become an eco-conscious consumer, this bothered me enough to decide to do things differently.

Hello November of 2019, when I decided to turn my love for truly amazing products, experiences, gift giving and crafting pretty things into a real, live online business. 

As The Kind Curator I connect you to locally-sourced, eco-conscious wellness products by curating gift boxes that ship right to your bestie’s door.

They will make you feel great and all kinds of mushy inside and leave your bestie feeling extra loved and thinking to herself “Wow, she just spoiled me. I really needed this little something right now.”

I do all of the scoping out for you to save you time. I research the products and companies, and choose the ones that I know will make everyone feel their best. From ingredients, to packaging, to environmental efforts and vibe - it’s all part of the curation process. The gift boxes ship online to you or directly to your loved one, with plans to offer some other pick-up options in the near future. 

If you are wondering about options for your next special event, I am on it! Please join my newsletter so we can stay in touch, or send an email to hello@thekindcurator.ca any time to say hi!  

Love a good candle? I got you - but only small-batch options made of sustainable, non-GMO soy wax, essential oils and lead-free cotton wicks. Scrunchies? Every girl and guy (okay guys with long hair that are into buns) can appreciate a quality scrunchie. What about scrunchies that come in really cute colours, and did I mention velvet? All made from leftover fabric scraps from the fashion industry. 

Then there’s the packaging. You can read more about the eco-conscious packaging here. Let’s just say it took some serious research and emailing a gazillion box companies to find some great options (super grateful for my awesome Graphics Designer Sam, she helped keep me sane).

Whenever you purchase a gift box we plant a tree for you as part of our carbon-offsetting plan! Read more about our partnership with TreeEra.

Every box has hand-picked products and packaging that will make someone feel truly special.

Every box is sealed with kindness.
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

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