We source and choose products Canadian products that align with our company values

Brands that believe in minimal packaging and less-to-no plastic; that use better materials like upcycled fabric scraps from the fashion industry turned into something new. Brands that use high quality, locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Products that can provide us with easy swaps for everyday use eg. beeswax wrap over plastic wrap. Small-batch, Canadian-made goods to keep things local and from the heart.


We carefully select our packaging & shipping options

the kind curator flower

All of our gift boxes consist of one box only; there is no box inside of another box. We use mailers that are made of a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material. They can be easily recycled at home or reused for storage. We are working to source a close-to-home manufacturer that makes 100% post-consumer recycled boxes that are more accessible to small businesses. All other pieces included to make our gift boxes look and feel luxurious are eco-conscious: recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic. Our stickers are made of paper pulp and are not laminated, which allows them to biodegrade naturally.

We also choose to package without plastic and include products that are free of plastic (with the exception of a lid here and there).


We partner with an organization that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change


The Kind Curator Co. has partnered with TreeEra, a membership based tree planting company. The same way people subscribe to Netflix or Spotify, they can become a TreeEra member and every month they will be doing their part in helping to offset their carbon footprint. TreeEra takes a complex subject like Climate Change and offers a simple and effective way people can take action. Since 2016, they have planted over 60,000 trees in places like British Columbia, Ontario, Africa & Costa Rica!