Small-Batch Creamed Honey

Small-Batch Creamed Honey

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From Beekeeper Graeme Foers and his business Lost Meadows Apiaries in Ontario - Graeme produces some of the most amazing small-batch honey that we have tried and we have tried a lot of honey.

Each batch has flavours that are unique to the meadow and the flora in which the bees foraged, not to mention this honey is raw, unfiltered and wild. When honey is kept in its purest form, aka unaltered or pasteurized, you receive its true, unique flavour notes.

Our impact on the natural environment is key; at Lost Meadows, they practice low impact honey harvesting. This means that no fume boards or sprays are used. The bees are gently brushed off, back into their hive when the honey is harvested.

When it comes to your well-being, raw honey is where it's at. When honey is left in its purest form, it has MANY health benefits such as being antibacterial (we'll have a blog post up on this soon!).

Creamed Honey (dairy-free)

Is probably one of our favourite products, as it's amazing in hot drinks, but also perfect when spread onto a piece of toasted sourdough (you might even add a sprinkle of cinnamon).

If you would like more information on Graeme's products, we encourage you to check out his website