"Bloom", eco-friendly gift box for Mother's Day

Earth Friendly Gift Box for Mother's Day

Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Earth Friendly Gift Box for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate moms of all kind! From dog & cat moms, plant moms to human moms, it’s a nice little day to do something kind for someone you care about.

If your love language is giving gifts - we’ve got a new Spring inspired gift box that we think you and “mama” will love.

If you’re just getting to know us at The Kind Curator Co. we’re a small (for now!), woman owned Canadian business, based out of Toronto. At TKC, we create consciously curated & custom gift boxes featuring locally sourced (Canadian), small-batch & eco-friendly products and packaging.

We’re all about finding those unique, small-batch & handmade products that are not only kind to nature, but to you as well.

Whenever we choose products or curate new gift boxes, we always make sure to review our values as a company to ensure that they will align with what we’re all about!

We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest earth friendly curated gift box for Mother’s Day.

“Bloom” a Spring inspired gift box that’s all about the gift that keeps on giving…flowers…but not the kind that sit in a vase.

As much as we love some beautiful fresh cut flowers from the florist, we know that it’s not always the most sustainable, eco-friendly option. Just to give you an idea of what we mean by that, to keep up the demand and to have flowers available all year round in Canada, fresh flowers are usually being flown in from around the world and sprayed with a heck of a lot of chemicals to grow faster and for certain colors.
You can read more about this on our friend Arti’s blog of Forage & Sustain.

You can certainly find locally grown flowers and florists that work with local farmers and use plastic-free packaging; so we aren’t here telling you to say goodbye to those beautiful bouquets!

That brings us back to the “Bloom” gift box and how it could make for a more thoughtful & eco-friendly gift this Mother’s Day.

“Bloom” Gift Box Includes

Wildflower Grow Kit with 3D printed plant-based planter from The Good Card (Guelph, Ontario)

Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper Greeting Card from The Good Card (Guelph, Ontario)

Wildflowers Notepad from Mimi & August (Montreal, Quebec)

We adore this curation because it comes with an activity that can be done together in the Spring and it’s long-lasting, you can watch the wildflowers grow and that’s sure to brighten one’s day. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Each item included has been made with care here in Canada and is kind to the earth. Read a bit more about each item included below.


"Bloom" Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Box


Wildflower Card Grow Kit

Okay these kits are really quite cool! Each grow kit comes with a unique & sustainably crafted planter, you choose the color!

The planters have been crafted using a 3D printer and are made with plant based materials such as fermented organic matter like sugarcane or corn starch. The planters are biodegradable and tough enough to last a lifetime - just not thousands. There’s also drainage holes at the bottom to protect the growing seeds.

Of course you’ll also need some soil! Not to worry, that’s all part of this kit. A dehydrated soil wafer is included and it’ll grow up to 5x it’s size when water is added!

“How To” Instructions are printed on the outside of the recyclable or compostable box.


Wildflower Card Grow Kit


Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper Greeting Card

These cards are made of biodegradable, post-consumer waste meaning no new trees are harmed. Each card is full of a blend of 6 different wildflower seeds, that are all tested for purity, non-GMO, and non-invasive. All cards are printed with non-toxic ink. We carry a variety of these greeting cards in the shop, they can be added to any gift box.


Mother's Day plantable greeting card


If you’re wondering, why Wildflowers? Our little honey bee friends LOVE them and it’s a way to help their disappearing colonies.

Wildflowers Notepad

Sticking with the theme of wildflowers, we were excited to come across this new release from Mimi & August in Quebec. A useful & adorable addition to your desk or kitchen, this notepad can help you keep track of your plants, groceries, to do list, notes, etc…You’ll feel good about using this paper product, as it’s been printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) - Certified recycled paper. 


Wildflower recycled paper notepad


Finally, to pull everything together we carefully and beautifully package each gift box with our eco-friendly packaging, handwritten note & signature dried flower bouquet.

Let’s not forget, for every gift box purchased we plant a tree!


For all earth friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out our pick’s for mom! 

Questions about our gift boxes, products, packaging?
Drop us a comment below or send along an email hello@thekindcurator.ca

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